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Manuel A. Miranda is a Principal of Statecraft, a company that brings to bear over 30 years experience in the legal, political, economic and infrastructure growth of the developing world. Utilizing proven institutional audit and comparativist methods, Statecraft is ready to assist in the design, implementation, and evaluation of nation-building programs and projects throughout the world. Drawing on its relationship, the company is able to recruit and mobilize expertise from a large community of Americans and expatriates with diverse international development experience and is ready to assemble teams and target talent for an impact appropriate to the urgency of enhancing peace, stability and liberty.

Mr. Miranda serves also as the World Engagement Institute’s Executive Vice President and Senior Fellow for Law and Statecraft. He brings to bear for WEI his expertise in the design of nation-building projects in emerging democracies and post-conflict nations. He is successful writer of project proposals selected by the Department of State.

During the “surge” in Iraq, 2006-2008, Mr. Miranda was Director of the Office of Legislative Statecraft, serving as a State Department diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. In that capacity, he served as a senior advisor to the Iraq Prime Minister's Office and to other leading Iraqi officials and entities. He was solely responsible for negotiating the national reconciliation of the Bars of Iraq and of the Kurdistan Region.

In the United States, Mr. Miranda served previously as Counsel to the U.S. Senate Majority Leader and the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. He went on to be the leading voice against the use of the Senate filibusters to obstruct judicial confirmations and made history as the lead organizer against the nomination of Harriet Miers.

Mr. Miranda has been a leading public affairs strategist and top award-winning coalition leader familiar to Washington's think-tank and advocacy community, having held policy and scholar positions at the Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council. He is a frequent lecturer and conference panelist on judicial affairs and immigration and has logged over 200 television, radio and press conference appearances, in two languages, including regular appearances on Univision. He has also published 35 articles as a columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Miranda has had a long career as an international finance and energy development attorney working in over a dozen countries and at some of the world’s most prominent international law firms, including White & Case, Reid & Priest, and Russin & Vecchi. Admitted in New York State, he began his career in the canyons of Wall Street at Winthrop Stimson Putnam & Roberts working on power generation projects in Tennessee and Venezuela.

During his career, he has represented both project developers and banks on investment structuring, risk management, financing, expropriations and international investment matters, with particular expertise in international project finance and development in oil and gas, electricity generation, and tourism. He has represented clients in the highest-level foreign sovereign government negotiations and the formulation of strategy toward foreign and domestic legislative and executive branches and financial institutions.

Mr. Miranda has managed the work of foreign attorneys and transaction teams, and been part of international teams, including his earliest assignment working on the Argentine debt restructuring of the country’s power generation sector. His clients have included Mobil Oil Corporation, Ramada Renaissance, International Finance Corporation, InterAmerican Development Bank, Bank of America, Irving Trust, Bank of New York, Credit Lyonnais, National Grid (UK), Caterpillar, PEMEX, BHP Power, King Ranch Power, several consortia and partnerships consisting of leading energy companies, and the Russian Orthodox Church in America.

In 1996, Mr. Miranda found a novel legal solution that allowed foreign banks and equity investors to fund the Aguaytia gas field, power generation and distribution project in Peru; later used by others in subsequent Peruvian financing transactions. He has also litigated with complete success, writing briefs, taking depositions and making winning summary judgment and motion arguments, including a precedent-setting case involving complex Delaware corporation law, and in 1991 was uniquely appointed by the court as the legal representative of all Georgetown University alumni.

Mr. Miranda is also an expert in student life issues affecting higher education and served as the first president of the Cardinal Newman Society, a learned society dedicated to Catholic higher education. In 1991, he was the first person successfully to interpret and apply John Paul II’s Apostolic Constitution Ex corde Ecclesiae in a ground-breaking canon law proceeding that went all the way to the Pope.

As a young man, he volunteered for the presidential campaigns of Ted Kennedy, John Glenn, and Gary Hart. More recently, he has stumped or raised funds for Senators Rick Santorum, Mike Dewine and Mel Martinez and for the presidential candidacy of John McCain.

Manny was born in Cuba and raised in Spain and New York City. He received degrees from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law. At Georgetown, he was the Circumnavigators’ Foundation Fellow for 1981 and at Hastings he was the Charles Rummel Scholar. He is married to a Physics and Chemistry teacher and has one son.

Mr. Miranda is fluent in Spanish and French and proficient in Italian and other languages.

Some Good Things They Say About Him

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R., Fla.): "sharp, effective, honorable, decent, and hardworking."Senator Trent Lott (R., MS): “a highly qualified staffer”

Dr. Bill Frist: “I love Manny.” Former Democrat Mayor of Boston Ray Flynn: “a voice for social justice in the Leader’s Office…a man of character, honesty and integrity”

The late Robert Novak: “a man of principle”

The late Paul Weyrich: “one very able lawyer”

Roll Call: “The ringleader of the 40 hour debate against filibusters.” “key Republican strategist…architect of the nuclear option”

People for the American Way: “Miranda was the primary force behind just about every right-wing “grassroots” effort to force the confirmation of President Bush’s judicial nominees, as well as their effort to compel Harriet Miers to withdraw her Supreme Court nomination.”

U.S. Civil Rights Commissioners: “man of great professional integrity…committed to the highest moral and ethical standards"

American Conservative Union President David Keene: "He’s more than just a principled conservative: He’s a man who doesn’t know the meaning of surrender...Without him, I think it’s safe to say that Judge Alito would not be on the court today...That nomination would not have been made but for Manny Miranda, [and] Third Branch Conference [was] the single-most-important mobilizer of support of Judge Alito’s nomination."

Journalist Jim Pinkertion: “One new hero of the [Conservative] movement is Manuel Miranda, a former Senate Judiciary Committee staffer who now heads the Third Branch Conference, a conservative legal watch group. Miranda was out front against Miers; revealing the contours of political battles to come, he waged his anti-Miers campaign almost entirely on the Internet.”

Former WH Counsel, Ambassador Boyden Gray: “a terrific point person.”